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Lelivro helps authors sell their e-books directly to their readers. To start selling, all you need is to register with and start your store. Within a few minutes, you can upload books and start selling them through social networks and other websites.

Lelivro is a place for readers and writers to connect directly. A place where readers can support their favorite authors, and where authors can get paid fairly and quickly for their work. was created for the sake of dramatically improving e-book publishing:

  • Authors get paid immediately for their creation
  • Authors and publishers get to know who actually bought their books
  • Readers can discover new authors, get autographed e-books, participate in online book launches and other events and share their thoughts and impressions with a community of readers is great for:

  • Any author who owns his e-book rights
  • New and independent authors who want to start developing an audience and develop a relationship with these readers
  • Publishers who want to facilitate interaction with their authors' readership
  • Authors and publishers who want to start a new distribution channel for their books

To start selling on Lelivro, Click on the BIG RED BUTTON to upload your book. Start selling your books


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