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Author: P.Z. Walker

P.Z. Walker is the pen name of an author who embraces the naturist life.
Still too few people understand that naturism has not to do with sex and orgies, instead it's a way to live life as much as possible, just without clothing.

My books are intended to give the reader a peek into the ways of naturists. There's nothing sexual to the naturist (or nudist, if you like) lifestyle. Instead it is one of accepting people and their bodies the way they are instead of hiding them beneath fabric when there is no need for that.


Books by P.Z. Walker
  1. Naked Crow

    By: P.Z. Walker
    Sheila is a dental assistant with an normal life, until one of her friends, Josy, goes missing and the police face a mystery. Josy disappeared in a naturist resort and there's no trace of her. Sheila, who discovers a special ability within herself, decides to find Josy on her own, but for that she will have to go into the naturist resort. Will she find her friend there? Learn More
  2. Evil Spirit - Naked Crow 2

    By: P.Z. Walker
    Sheila and her friends face a problem when an ancient, evil spirit appears at the Mighty Oaks naturist resort. Her spirit guide Acaraho and Sheila have to do something, but what? Luckily she doesn't have to fight this battle alone. Also in her private life Sheila faces difficult decisions. Surprises are lined up for her and Jeremy, and also for many other people that get involved in the hunt for the Evil Spirit. This is book 2 in the "Naked Crow" series. Learn More