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For Authors

What kind of book can I sell in

You can sell any book or text that you have written and for which you own the rights.

Can I sell public domain books?

No. Lelivro is geared towards authors selling their books directly to readers.

Can I sell e-books if I have rights for some countries but not for other countries?

No. You can only sell books for which you hold all the rights.

How do I get paid when I sell an e-book?

You will be paid directly to your paypal account.

What if I don’t have a paypal account?

You need to have a paypal account in order to sell on You can easily sign up for one before registering with It's free!

How much royalties do I get?

No more royalty checks, you are the seller of your book and you get all the money immediatley.

Do I have to pay to lelivro for selling my e-books?

Lelivro charges 15% of the book price per transaction. It is much less than Amazon, Apple and other distribution platforms. We are working on different pricing models that will allow authors to pay even less per book sold. Stay tuned...

Can I offer my books for free at

Not at this point. We will experiment with free book offers in the future. Right now we request that you upload only books that you intend to sell.

Will I be able to know who are the buyers of my books?

Yes. uses Paypal as its transaction mechanism and Paypal provides the email addresses of both the buyer and seller to both parties. will allow you and your readers to connect if both parties agree to do so. You will be able to send them offers and invite them to online events. Readers can opt out of your communication effort at any time and we do not allow spamming readers in or out of the system. 

What kind of ebooks can I sell?

In you will be able to sell any kind of e-book in any format you choose or in any laguage you choose. Right now we support epub, mobi, and pdf formats.

How do I start selling books on

Click on the "Sell your book" link on the home page and follow the instructions. You will be able to start selling your books as soon as you register. You only need the following items in order to start selling:

  • A valid email address that is associated with a valid Paypal account
  • The book file in one or more of the following formats: .ePub, .Mobi, .Pdf
  • An image of the book cover
  • You must own the rights to sell your e-book online

Is secure?

We do not hold any credit card or Paypal login information on our server. All transactions are done on Paypal servers. is secure and readers need to pay for the book before they can download it.

What if I have another question that you did not answer?

If there is any other question that you would like us to answer, or if you just want to share some ideas with us, feel free to email us at:

How can I contact you?

You can reach us at:

For Readers

How do I buy a book? supports Paypal only at this point. We intend to support additional payment methods in the future. You can pay by any means supported by Paypal:

  • Cedit and debit cards
  • Bank account
  • Bill me later

Any one of these methods of payment will work. To learn more about Paypal payment methods you can visit the "Paypal payment methods" page.

Who am I buying the book from?

You are buying the book directly from the author. is just the platform you two use in order to connect and buy/sell the book.

Will the author know who I am?

We are using Paypal as the only payment method at this point. Just like in any other Paypal transaction, the seller will see your email address when he/she receives payment. You and the author will be able to share additional information and connect more personally if you both choose to do so.

What ebook formats do you offer?

At this point we support .ePub, .Mobi & .Pdf formats. We will support additional formats in the future. Make sure that the book you buy is in the format suitable to your reading device.